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Knowlton School Digital LibraryWorkEmbassy of Mexico, Berlin [2722]

Embassy of Mexico, Berlin

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    North side facade, with upright pillars and parking garage entrance, facing Rauchstrasse
    4/28/2008 (creation)
Related people
Francisco Serrano (was created by)
Teodoro Gonzlez de Len (was created by)
2000-2001 (creation)
Europe->Germany->Berlin (state)->Berlin
The building was designed by architect Francisco Serrano, in collaboration with Teodoro Gonzlez de Len. Serrano was son of the architect Francisco J. Serrano. The foreign missions returned from Bonn to Berlin when the city was unified. The Mexican Embassy has a entrance facade of stylized columns; an 18 meter high screen, consisting of 40 partly inclined pillars. Cast in white concrete with a content of marble chips, these elements have a rough bush-hammered finish and are enclosed at the top and sides by a concrete framing structure. Behind this outer layer, a glass facade extends over the full height of the building, allowing views into the interior. The interior has an impressive atrium with nods to Maya design in such features as a pyramid-like garden and a cylindrical form reminiscent of Chichn Itz.
Twenty-first century (LCSH)
"white" concrete with marble chips
18 m ()