MACRO (Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma) Addition, Rome, Italy

  • Date
    8/17/1998 (creation)
Related people
Marc Syp (was created by)
Odile Decq (was created by)
1999, converted;2006;2002
The new expansion is situated on the lot directly behind MACRO's current site on Via Reggio Emilia. "The MACRO - Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome - came into existence due to the reorganization of the structures on the Capitoline devoted to the promotion of contemporary art. It is spread over two sites. The first is the old Peroni factory, which, until 1971, was in active production for the Peroni Beer Society. It was designed at the beginning of the twentieth century by Gustavo Giovannoni and is one of the few examples of industrial archaeology in the capital. The first phase of the reconstruction and conversion of the site finished in 1999. It involved the recovery of the main building, which is composed of two parallel factory units, connected by a construction which corresponds to the front facade. The work was finished as part of Odile Decq's Sensual Territories project, following an international competition held by the Municipality of Rome in 2000. The other site is split across two pavilions in the building complex of the old slaughterhouse in Testaccio, which was built between 1888 and 1891 to a design by the architect Gioacchino Erosch." --
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