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Longhua Pagoda

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Jot D. Carpenter (photographer)
Longhua Pagoda was built in Longhua Temple in the north of Longhua Town in Shanghai County, which is under the administration of Shanghai Municipality. The pagoda, dated to 977, at the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty, is one of the oldest pagodas in south China. The square, seven-storey pagoda, forty-four meters high, is made of both brick and wood. The body of the pagoda is a hollow, tubelike brick structure with wooden staircases leading up to the upper storeys. All the levels are encircled by balconies and banisters. The upturned eaves project extensively from the body of the pagoda. Both the balconies and eaves are supported by brackets, displaying the exquisite, delicate features of wooden buildings. The body and base of the pagoda were constructed more than a thousand years ago and have remained unchanged ever since. The eaves and circular balconies, though reconstructed several times, have retained the style of the Song Dynasty. (http://www.china.org.cn)
Song Dynasty (960 CE - 1279 CE)
wood (hardwood or softwood)
44 m ()