Long Point Light, Province Town, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

At the finger tip of Cape Cod in the village of Provincetown Massachusetts is the Long Point Light. It was built in 1826 intended to guide fishermen back to harbor as Provincetown, a village in Cape Cod, was becoming a major fishing port in the early 1800's. Over the past century the lighthouse has operated as various functions such as a school, a sea salt industry, and has become a famous spot for fishing fresh Lobster. Over the years the Long Point Light has seen few functional and structural changes. In 1856 the Long Point Light received a new Fresnel lens, and in 1873 $13,000 was given to build a new tower because structural conditions were seen unsafe and too vulnerable for the harsh coastal weather. The new tower was built with brick and the original height was increased from 35 feet to 38 feet. At this time an additional 1 1/2 story keeper's house and fog signal were built. An oil house was added to the keepers house in 1904. Today the Long Point Light has taken on a more sustainable approach toward keeping its light lit. In 1982 solar panels were installed and the Keeper's house and fog signal building were destroyed. Long Point light remains an active aid to navigation to Cape Cod and is registered within American Lighthouse Foundation. Keyword: lighthouse, cape, sketch, pen and ink drawing, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusets, Sand, Dunes, Navigation structure, tower, keeper house.