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Steven Holl (architect)
Designed by Steven Holl. Set of upscale housing towers linked by a bridge of shared program (gym, restaurant, gallery, etc.) lifted into the air in an effort to make the project more urbanistically porous while hybridizing the high-rise object building with the low-rise courtyard fabric. The colors around the windows use the I Ching. The promenade is described in filmic terms (jump cuts on elevators, panning views from the raised passages) but may evolve into its own programs. Critics feel that may be impossible given its poshiness and security.
People's Republic_access of China (1949 CE - Present)
steel frame construction
Godel, Addison. "China 2011: Architecture and Urbanism in the 21st-Century Supercity." Knowlton School of Architecture. December 2011.