Lingering Garden (Liu Yuan), Suzhou, China

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1593 onward
Occupying an area of 23,300 square meters (about 5.8 acres), the Lingering Garden (aka "Garden for Lingering in") is located outside Changmen Gate in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It was started in 1593 during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) by a retired official named Xu Tai, and expanded during the Qing Dynasty. Like other famous gardens in Suzhou, the Lingering Garden seeks to create stunning natural landscapes within limited space. The 'style' of the garden rely heavily on the use of weathered-looking "Taihu rock" from the bottom of Lake Taihu, as well as man-made hills, pagodas, kiosks, pavilions, and water-features, all gathered together in a relatively compact area. Buildings, trees, and flowers blend harmoniously with their surroundings.
Ming Dynasty (1368 CE - 1644 CE)
Qing Dynasty (1644 CE - 1912 CE)