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Linden was primarily a community of housing. It was first developed as an owner-occupied working-class neighborhood and over the years many of the properties have been converted to rental properties and numerous multi-family units have been constructed. Recently, many residents have chosen to move out of the area when they could afford to purchase a home. In 70s and 80s, Linden experienced rapid decline of the area. The current vacancy rate for all residential properties in South Linden is approximately 12%. Vandalism and other crimes have been an issue in the area. Efforts to bring positive change to the Lindens intensified in 1990s by the North Linden Area Commission, the South Linden Area Commission, the Greater Linden Development Corporation (GLDC), and business networks. -
"Rosewind", one of Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)'s premier family communities, was built in 1995 close to CMHA's new central office building on E 11th Avenue, the South Linden Transit Center. Rosewind is located in the Greater Linden neighborhood of Columbus on the former site of the Windsor Terrace housing project. The former public housing units have been replaced with new townhouses, garden apartments and single-family homes at a lower density. Up-to-date floor plans, air conditioning and washer/dryer hookups help to attract working families, whose income makes them eligible for public housing. As a part of the Hope VI redevelopment plan, the contractor trained and hired low-income residents.

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