Library, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

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The University of Aveiro was founded in 1973 as a part of Fernando Tavora's plan for Aveiro's new city center. When designing the library, Alvaro Siza was required to adhere to the University's relatively strict building code which called for brick cladding and limestone trim. Siza also exhibited sensitivity to the library's surrounding by undulating the facade facing the marshes and by, "framing views out onto the marshes, offering some alternatives to the sight of open books." -- Jodidio, P. (1999) Alvaro Siza. Madrid: Taschen. p. 99 "The library's basic unit of organization is the reading desk, surrounded on each floor by shelving units defining semi-autonomous spaces. These areas are illuminated by means of lateral openings and large offset central voids admitting diffused daylight from conical roof lights within the arched ceiling of the uppermost floor. Service areas and book storage occupy the ground floor, while individual rooms for researchers are located in the north towers." -- Levene, R. C., and Ceilia, F.M. (Eds.). (2000) Alvaro Siza, 1958-2000. Madrid: El Croquis Editorial. p. 257 Keywords: Portugal, Aveiro, University of Aveiro, institutional buildings, school buildings, reinforced concrete structure. Submitted by Timothy Crowther, recipient of the 2005 Whitaker Travelling Fellowship.
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