Landscape Formation One, Weil am Rhein, Germany

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Jeffrey Squire (was created by)
Zaha Hadid (was created by)
Landesgardenshau, or Landscape Formation One, is located in Weil-am-Rhein, near the Vitra factory complex and was built in the occasion of the Grün 99, Landesgartenschau - Gardening and flower show that is held annually in different German towns. The exhibition building for the landscape and gardening show is itself conceived in terms of landscape features rather than in terms of geometric order. The smooth concrete structure emerges from the fluid geometry of the surrounding network of paths. Four parallel, partly interwoven spaces are caught in this bundle of three interconnected paths. One path follows the south side of the building, another rises over it, and the third path cuts diagonally through the interior. The main spaces, exhibition hall, and cafe are located along these paths.
1990s (1990 - 1999)