Land Machine: Student project by Jacob Boswell, 2005

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Jane Amidon (studio professor)
This was a graduate student project by Jacob Boswell for Jane Amidon's LARCH 750 course, Spring 2005. "A land machine is the combination of an industrial and biological process that results in a quantifiable output. I chose to study the Hebron State Fish Hatchery as an example of a land machine that utilizes an industrial process to intervene and theoretically improve a biological cycle. I then applied this research as well as research done on the Calcutta Sewer Treatment System to propose a new land machine to deal with the combined sewer overflow problem in Columbus, and specifically in Whetstone Park of Roses. Each CSO releases in Columbus releases an average of 6,308 cubic meter of water each time it overflows. Columbus's CSOs overflow twice per year on average. To remedy this I proposed a system of 33 3x3 meter water hyacinth tanks and 132 1x3 meter cattail tanks. Before being processed in these tanks, the water would be collected in three 80' wide and 70' tall holding tanks. This reflects the storage and processing capacity to needed to process the volume of two overflows in 180 days (the number of days that Water Hyacinth and Cattails are active in this climate)." ---Jacob Boswell Keywords: drawings, sewers, drainage structures, student work, KSA.
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