Laguna West

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    View of Shopping Center
North and Central America->United States->California (CA)->Elk Grove->Laguna West
Laguna West was designed to demonstrate possibilities of reconfiguration of the standard elements of new growth single-family residences, town homes, apartments, neighborhood retail, offices, civic buildings, and recreation facilities to enhance community, convenience, and identity. Laguna West was the first "on ground" test of the idea that these standard elements of growth can be modified and integrated in new ways.
Laguna West has park-centered neighborhoods totaling 2,300 units on a 65-acre lake, community park, and town center. The town center combines an additional 1,000 units of higher density housing with shops, offices, a village green, and urban parks. The overall community for 10,000 residents is designed as a traditional town in which streets are convenient and comfortable to walk, parks provide a public focus, and a small town lifestyle can be rediscovered for all age groups.
The system of public spaces is the organizing structure of the community, rather than a buffer made of residual space. The town center is located at the terminus of radial boulevards which originate in neighborhood parks. A north-south civic axis is at the center of the community, containing all the primary public uses. -

Keywords: United States, California, Sacramento County, Laguna West, Phil Angelides (developer), neighborhoods, sustainable urban neighborhoods, sustainable development, liveable neighborhoods, urban villages, transit oriented development, TOD, new urbanism, "pedestrian pocket" suburb, public buildings, townhall, smart growth, walkability. Submitted by Misun Hur.;
Architect of the Townhall: Paul Okamoto
1990s (1990 - 1999)