Kt-house, Higashi-Matsuyama, Japan

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Hitoshi Abe (architect)
The house is not just a home for a family but is also oriented towards the society. Its design had the following requirements. 1. A family common area, which combines in a single space all the functions in constant use by the family, such as living, dining and kitchen, a private office, and study rooms. 2. Minimally-sized private rooms. 3. Office space for the activities of an NPO (organization which provoides environmental therapy for children with mental disorders). These three fields are wrapped by a U-shaped volume which creates a buffer zone against the town. this acts like an open multipurpose field for NPO workshops, play therapy, family events, regional meetings and a common area for people living nearby. Keywords: Japan, Saitama-ken, residential structures, mixed-use, architectural model, physical model, housing. Submitted by Hitoshi Abe.
2000s (2000 - 2009)