Kettering Hall: Science Building for Antioch College

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Herbert Baumer (was created by)
Eastman & Budke (architect)
Charles Kettering Hall was a project by Herbert Baumer for a Science Building at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It is located at 150 E. South College Street. These documents are housed in the Knowlton School of Architecture Archives at The Ohio State University. The Herbert H. Baumer Collection includes work from his architectural practice, sketches and drawings, work from his time in France, academic files and course work, personal files, military files, financial files, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous objects. Herbert Baumer was a professor at The Ohio State University from 1922 to 1956, excluding the time he spent on military leave in France during World War II, 1942 to 1945. From 1906 to 1910, Baumer worked as a draftsman and architect in the Office of the Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal. In 1910, he entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where he lived until he returned to the United States eleven years later. In 1922 Baumer accepted a double appointment as Assistant University Architect and Professor of Architecture. He became an AIA Fellow in 1964.
1920s (1920 - 1929)