Kemijoki Bridge, Finland

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The bridge is near the Arctic Circle in Finland, crossing the frozen Kemi river. The bridge is known as the "Lumberjack's Candle". It is an asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge with one pylon. The Pylon rises 47 meters above the surface of the road. The inclined center cables are anchored to the center of the bridge, which measures 323.5 meters in length and 25.5 meters in width. The bridge has four traffic lanes, as well as one lane for pedestrians and bicycles on either side. Steel cables, measuring 127 meters long, support the center and fan out in eight pairs and descend from the top of the pylon. The six pairs of rear cables run in a straight line. The measuring was commissioned by the Road Administration and coordinated by the Technical Research Center of Finland. The purpose was to compare the design parameters with those of real conditions. This is very significant because the behavior of the bridge could not be predicted exactly. --Information from: Noptel Oy, Teknologiantie, (n.d.). The kemijoki bridge. Retrieved Jan. 10, 2006, from Http:// Web site: Keywords: Finland, Lappi, landscapes (environments), transportation structures. Submitted by Steven Reynolds.
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