JVC New Urban Entertainment Center, Guadalajara, Mexico

  • Date
    5/15/1997 (creation)
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Coop Himmelblau (was created by)
The concept for the design of the new JVC Entertainment and Commercial Center in Guadalajara, Mexico, is based on the ideology of redefining the meaning of entertainment in the 21st century. The design proposal redefines entertainment from a place of mere consumption to a place of intellectual discourse. This marketplace of the future combines well known forms of entertainment and commerce with new facilities based on the production and exchange of knowledge. --http://www.coop-himmelblau.at Design: 1998 Design Development: 1999-2000 Start of Construction: 06/2004 Completion: 06/2006 Net Floor Area: 293,730 m² Building Costs: 136 Mio. USD Client: Omnitrition de Mexico, Jorge Vergara Madrigal, President Structural Engineering: Bollinger + Grohmann, Frankfurt, Germany Keywords: Mexico, Jalisco, complexes, entertainment structures. Submitted by Coop Himmelblau for the KSA Lecture Series, Autumn 2005.
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