Italian Embassy, Washington, D.C

View of Exterior
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This view of the embassy is from Whitehaven Street. Windows and areas of the facade have been recessed to different depths, creating a unique visual effect from adjacent streets. The facade is made of 42,000 pieces of pink marble (Pietra Rosa di Asiago).
Building data: "Building Plan Area: 29,800 sq.ft.; 2.768 mq.; Total usable area: 145,700 sq.ft.; 13.536 mq.; Total atrium area: 12,100 sq.ft.; 1.124 mq.; Total usable volume: 2,055,552 cu.ft.; 58.207 mc.; Total office volume: 1,330,707 cu.ft.; 37.681 mc.; Total garage volume: 734,845 cu.ft.; 20.808 mc.; Height of the building: 62 ft.; 20,84 m.; Exterior dimensions of the building: 171.5 ft x 171.5 ft.; 56,32 x 56,32 m." - Chancery.html

Keywords: United States, District of Columbia, DC, Washington, multistory buildings, Italy, Pietra Rosa di Asiago, embassy, public buildings, multistory buildings. Submitted by Lin Goepfert.
1990s (1990 - 1999)