Installation That Isn't, Austin E. Knowlton Hall, The Ohio State University

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Amanda Schlechty (was created by)
"YET ANOTHER CLOUD IDEA At once, a cloud is neither present nor absent. Mere pandemonic confluence of matter, it is an unbound entity defined by an edgeless edge and general infusive permeation. It emanates through transmission, especially effecting the environment around it by that which passes occupiability outside of itself, albeit in plan. A cloud is fog, and a fog is physically a cloud, yet the two are clearly disparate experiences, one an objective figural entity the other an indeterminate environment. WE ARE NOT MAKING A CLOUD. We were never making a "Cloud." We were to make something that would have been other than "Cloud." But we have since objected. We are instead making nothing. Our objection is our installation. During the development of our project, a global event occurred larger than any previous event during our lifetime. All of us, have watched the news, felt sad, perhaps donated money in relief. But our days carry on. The deafening mass of the event is lost on us all because of the distance. Its impact is discounted due to its relative remoteness. The "INSTALLATION THAT ISN'T" is neither built nor produced. It is merely collected from the world around us to bring the world around us closer. It is undesigned and simply documentation of the project that should have been built and why it was not. It is an exercise in humanitarianism. And while the cups of water do alot, they are meant to be nothing more than they are, merely simple cups of water. Lest anyone forget the event, lest anyone discount the event, lest anyone think that the event has consumed all of the lives it will consume - let no one escape the possibility of spilling water. Let no one escape the possibility of looking at a glass of water differently. Let no one escape the immediacy of the event." --Mark Supelak, Marc Manack & Allen Beedy Photographed by Amanda Schlechty.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
2000s (2000 - 2009)