Industrial Arts Laboratory

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The Industrial Arts Laboratory is shown here as Herrick Archives Building Number 072. It is located at 2047 Neil Avenue on The Ohio State University campus. Alternate names for this building include: I A Laboratory, Stock Judging Pavilion, Old Animal Husbandry Building, Poultry Instruction Building. Built under the name ''Stock Pavilion", it is also referred to as the Judging Pavilion. Maps from 1928 through 1937 refer to the building as the ''Poultry Husbandry Building." From late 1938 to 1961, the building was known as "Rehearsal Hall." The building was replaced by Plumb Hall (066) in 1925. Starting in the 1920's the building was used by poultry husbandry --precise dates have not been determined. The building was next used for band rehearsal and it is shown as "Rehearsal Hall" on maps starting in 1938. During the early 1960's, the building was remodeled for industrial arts use. It was officially named ''Industrial Arts Laboratory'' by Board of Trustees on April 14, 1961. The building was demolished in 1973 to clear the site for the Northwest Parking Ramp (083). Demolition was in progress on September 26, 1973 and the last of the debris was being removed on October 7, 1973. Architect: George S. Mills General Contractor: William J. Spear Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, OSU, The Ohio State University, drawings, institutional building, school buildings, university or college buildings.
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