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IAC Headquarters, New York City

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Robert Wandel (was created by)
Frank Owen Gehry (was created by)
The design of the IAC building is the product of a collaboration between Gehry and IAC's chairman, Barry Diller. The motif of a sailing boat was selected by Diller from a range of possibilities proposed by the architect; and Diller also stipulated that he wanted the building to be made entirely of glass. The building's curtain wall exterior (the first Frank Gehry design constructed entirely of glass) was intended to be a visual tribute to the innovation and creativity of the IAC brands. There are approximately 1,437 exterior glass panels, of which 1,349 are unique in their shape and degree of twist. These cold-warped glass panels are specially treated to enhance environmental efficiency and reduce glare to maximize occupant comfort.
2000s (2000 - 2009)
reinforced concrete construction
145 ft ()