Horse Barn (later part of Ives Hall), The Ohio State University

1907-1908; Became part of Ives Hall: 1924-1925; demolished: 2002
This photograph shows Dr. William Oxley Thompson and his horse Pronto in front of the Horse Barn. Horse Barn: Plans prepared by George S. Mills. General contractor: William J. Spear. It was dedicated in 1908. The Horse Barn later became part of Ives Hall, which was located at 2073 Neil Avenue. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, The Ohio State University, OSU, institutional buildings, school buildings, agrictultural structures, animal housing, transportation vehicles, horse-drawn carriage. Herrick Archives number 045. University Archives Folder 47-4.
1910s (1910 - 1919)
1920s (1920 - 1929)