Hopi House, Grand Canyon

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Mary Elizabeth Colter (architect)
"Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, architect for the Fred Harvey Company at Grand Canyon National Park, blended the vernacular architecture of the Southwest with the Arts and Crafts movement. She had a great interest in archeology and ethnography. Before starting a project Colter would spend months studying and sketching native American ruins. Three of her works, Hopi House (1913), Hermit's Rest (1914), and Indian Watchtower at Desert View (1932), influenced the designs of National Park Service and concessions structures for twenty years. Colter's use of native stone and massive timbers joined with details of Spanish colonial missions and native American pueblos and dwellings brought about functional visitors facilities that harmoniously rise above the Canyon's rim." --http://www.cr.nps.gov/habshaer/parkitect/info/ Keywords: United States, Arizona, National Parks, park structure, park service buildings, Grand Canyon National Park, visitor facilities. Submitted by Kay Bea Jones.
1910s (1910 - 1919)