Holy Cross Church, Columbus, Ohio

Church begun May, 1845, dedicated January 16, 1848
Known as the oldest known church structure in downtown Columbus, Ohio, Holy Cross Church grew out of the upstart St. Remigius congregation organized in 1833. In 1844, the church members expressed a desire to build a new church in the Gothic style with a stone foundation, encased in well burned brick, 115 feet long, 62 feet wide, exclusive of the buttresses, and 40 feet from floor to ceiling. The building contains over 800,000 bricks and is rich with religious symbolism. Several renovations and repairs were made, in 1848-1858 when the church spires were added, in 1860 when a Rectory was added, school additions in 1860, and in 1877 following a fire. This building is located at 204 South Fifth Street, Columbus, Ohio. Keywords: Altar, pews, arch, cross, crucifix.
19th Century (1800 - 1899 CE)
Gothic Revival
wood or wood products
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