Heidelburg Project, Detroit, Michigan

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Lisa Tilder (was created by)
Tyree Guyton (was created by)
The Heidelberg Project is an urban environmental art installation that uses abandoned homes and streets as canvas for painting and vacant lots as space for sculpture. Tyree Guyton created the project as a way to create awareness of the impoverished neighborhoods of Detroit after seeing neighborhoods like his change drastically after the Detroit riots. Guyton claims that after the riot, Detroit never recovered and saw his neighborhood gradually decline into a urban ghetto characterized by poverty, abandonment, and despair. Guyton decided to clean up the neighborhood by picking up things left behind like old shoes, bicycles, and baby dolls and made sculptures out of them as seen in the image. He has gained a lot of attention and a great reputation as an artist amongst the community, scholars, and other artists. The Project continues to grow and reconnect a community that continues to experience current and past economic and urban conditions. Its held together through community involvement, an art program that engages youth, and hope for future improvements. Information from: http://www.heidelberg.org/ Keyword: Heidelburg, art, environment art, living art, sculpture, recycle, re-use, urban environmental art, restoration, urban ecology.
1980s (1980 - 1989)