Hawkstone Historic Park and Follies

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1227 -
Europe->United Kingdom->England->Shropshire (county)->Weston-under-Redcastle
Hawkstone Historic Park and Follies can be traced to 1227 when Henry de Audley purchased the land and built the Red Castle. The Hill family acquired the Castle ruins and surrounding land in 1556. The primary developers of Hawkstone were Sir Rowland Hill (1705-1783) and his son, Sir Richard Hill (1732-1808). Sir Rowland's contributions focused on the house at Hawkstone. Sir Richard is credited with the development of the park -- namely the follies. He also had a guide of Hawkstone Park published and opened the park to the public.
Many years of improvements by the Hill family at Hawkstone ended in 1906. After Rowland Clegg Hill became bankrupt, the estate was sold piece by piece. In the early 1990s extensive renovations were made to the Hawkstone Historic Park and Follies. It was reopened in 1993 and is now a protected Grade I historic park.

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15th - 19th Century (1400 - 1899)
stone and/or rock