Haskett Hall

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James B. Collier (was created by)
Joseph N. Bradford (architect)
1924, bids received;1924;1925
Haskett Hall is shown here as Herrick Archives Building 027, and it is located at 156 West 19th Avenue on The Ohio State University campus. It was built as "Engineering Experiment Station." The building was constructed of reinforced concrete and steel frame with brick exterior. It has four stories with no basement. No additions were built to Haskett Hall. However, Buildings 110 (Boyd Laboratory), 074 (Johnston Laboratory) and 036 (164 West 19th Avenue) are attached and in some instances have been referred to as additions to Building 027 (Haskett Hall). 1925 Architect for Building: Joseph N. Bradford 1925 General Contractor for Building: D. W. McGrath & Sons
1920s (1920 - 1929)
reinforced concrete construction
steel frame construction