Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, Italy

  • Date
    10/15/2003 (creation)
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Amanda Schlechty (was created by)
118-138 CE ca.
Hadrian's Villa is a large Roman villa built by the emperor Hadrian in the early second century CE. The villa was a complex of over 30 buildings covering a large area. Hadrian's Villa is a UNESCO World Heritage site. After the assassination of Trajan, the Villa Hadriana became the imperial residence. The villa was located just outside ancient Tibur (modern Tivoli) some 28 km east of Rome. It stood on a hillside, surrounded by two minor tributaries, the Aniene which flows into the Tiber just north of Rome. It was easily reached from Rome by land via the Via Tiburtina and by boat on the Aniene, which was navigable at the time. The Canopus is a pool named after the two-mile canal connecting Canopus and Alexandria in Greece. The Archivision Collection of Ancient Sites was funded by the Jack Martin Balcer Library Endowment. Keywords: Villa Adriana, Ancient Roman, Mediterranean. Photograph by Scott Gilchrist, Archivision.
High Empire (96 - 192 CE)