H.E. Ledbetter House

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    View of Floating Shade
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Bruce Alonzo Goff (architect)
North and Central America->United States->Oklahoma->Cleveland (county)->Norman
"The rectangular split-level open plan of the home is enclosed on the north by an undulating stone wall. The other exterior walls are made up of glass, plywood, and corrugated aluminum. The glass wall is a zigzag configuration in plan, with plate glass picture windows in the long leg and plywood panels with glass ashtray insets in the short leg. The plywood panels open to allow natural ventilation. The shed roof has a generous southern overhang that protects the home from the summer sun. A continuous ribbon skylight bathes the undulating stone wall in light. Suspended aluminum discs cover the carport and a garden patio seating area. The home caused a sensation when it was built...an open-house weekend tour drew 14,500 visitors for the biggest non-athletic event in the history of Norman, OK." --Brackin, N. (Ed.)(2005-2006). Bruce Goff Oklahoma Guide (Friends of Kebyar, 22.1 (71)). Friends of Kebyar, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia. p. 36

Keywords: Oklahoma, Cleveland County, Norman, residential structures, housing.
Submitted by Timothy H. Crowther.
1940s (1940 - 1949)
light frame construction
stone and/or rock
metal or metal products