Guangzhou Opera House

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Zaha Hadid (architect)
Asia->China->Guangdong (AKA Canton) (province)->Guangzhou
Along with the Guangdong Museum, thi Zaha Hadid project is the cultural capstone to the otherwise office driven new town plan running north from the Pearl River. Guangzhou didn't have its own competition at the time of the competition, it was designed to attract tourists. Hadid's design breaks up the 1800 seat opera hall and the 400 seat black box theater into two seperate pebbles. These are explained in terms of the process of erosion in river valley landscapes. The folds in the geometry define the different spaces, separated by canyon like cuts for natural light. The gap between the buildings opens up views to the river and encourages north-south through traffic.
The construction of the building was hastened by the economic downturn, and as a result, many think the building will need extensive renovation or will be condemned within a decade.
People's Republic of China (1949 CE - Present)
steel frame construction
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