Gregor S. and Elizabeth B. Affleck House, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

  • Date
    7/15/1999 (creation)
Related people
Donald Peadon (was created by)
Frank Lloyd Wright (architect)
This is student work by Donald Peadon for Michael Cadwell's ARCH 841 course. After completing a set of drawings of one of Wright's Usonian houses, the students designed a guest house to be added to the site. "The Affleck House is a brick and cypress raised Usonian house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Sited in a wooded natural amphitheater, the house nestles along a gentle grade before its living area cantilevers dramatically over a small stream bed. Constructed in 1940, the house achieves special significance as an outstanding example of Wright's pre-World War II Usonian residential designs. Beginning in the 1920s, Frank Lloyd Wright's argument that modern cities were no longer habitable led him to develop his solution for urban problems-- Broadacre City. Wright used "Usonia" as his substitute for the reformed, future "America" of Broadacre City, and he used the Usonians as his solution to the "small house problem." These Usonians-- and in particular the pre-World War II designs-- were a direct response to the changes in the lifestyles of his clients and their needs for a low-cost but satisfying dwelling." -- Keywords: United States, Oakland County, residential structures/housing, Usonian houses, drawings and/or plans, student work, KSA. Submitted by Don Peadon for ARCH 841.
1940s (1940 - 1949)