Great Wall at Ba Da Ling, China

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"Today, the various ancient and recent sections of the wall wind and loop across the mountains of North China and are estimated to add up to a total distance of 6,288 km (3,930 miles) including all the truncated loops. There are 3,440 km (2,150 miles) of continuous wall which extends from the north-east coast of China to the deserts of Central Asia. The Great Wall at 'Ba Da Ling' and 'Mu Tian Yu', where most tours go, is spectacular because of its relentless route across the very peaks of the mountains. These are the Ming sections of the Great Wall and are built in stone and brick over an inner core of compacted earth and stones. Here the average height of the wall from its stone base to the crenellated parapets is 6-9m (20-30ft) with a width of 8m (25 ft) at the base and 5m (16ft) at the top. At irregular intervals are watch towers in which troop concentrations were stationed. The watch towers of the Ming sections of the Wall have an average height of 12m (40ft) and a base width of 12m (40ft). Passes in the Wall were sited in narrow mountain valleys which were easy to defend." - Chan, Charles. (1992). Imperial China. San Fransisco: Chronicle Books. p.149-151 Keywords: China, Beijing Shi, fortifications, defense structures. Submitted by Budiman Wiharja
Han Dynasties (202 BCE - 220 CE)
Ming Dynasty (1368 CE - 1644 CE)
Zhou Dynasty (1045 BCE - 256 BCE)
stone and/or rock