Giant Buddha, Leshan, China

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Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest stone sculpture of Buddha in the world, sits at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers. According to records, the carving of this giant Buddha was begun in the in the first year of the reign of the Tang Emperor Tang Xuanzong (713 C.E.), and completed in the 19th year of Emperor Dezong (803 AD), a total of 90 years. The Buddha figure measures 71 meters in height. His shoulders are 28 meters across. The head is 14.7 metes long and 10 meters broad with total 1021 buns of hair on it. His instep is 8.5 meters wide and can accommodate 100 people. The toe is large enough to hold a dinner table. Taller by 17 meters than the standing Buddha in Afghanistan, Leshan Giant Buddha is the tallest Buddha in the world and in 1996, it was added to the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List. Keywords: China, PRC, Sichuan. From the collection of Jot Carpenter.
Tang Dynasty (618 CE - 907 CE)
stone and/or rock
plant material