Gateway Arch

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Eero Saarinen (designer)
North and Central America->United States->Missouri
This stainless steel memorial arch is 630 feet wide at the base and 630 feet high, making it the tallest monument in the United States. It is located on Memorial Drive between Poplar Street and Eads Bridge and was intended as a monument to the spirit of the western pioneers. Its design is based on a weighted catenary. Before the Arch was built, the use of this structural system had never been attempted on such a large scale. The Gateway Arch is a part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, consisting of the Gateway Arch, the Museum of Westward Expansion, and St. Louis's Old Courthouse. The memorial is maintained by the National Park Service through the National Historic Landmarks program. Keywords: United States, Missouri, St. Louis, monuments, observation towers, catenary arch. Submitted by Robert Livesey.
1940s (1940 - 1949)
1960s (1960 - 1969)