Galleria Umberto I, Naples, Italy

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"This beautiful building is placed in the central part of the city, opposite the San Carlo Theatre, not far from the Royal Palace. The gallery is a magnificent building five stories high... Among the architects who offered plans for the gallery were Savini, Cottrau, Rocco and Cassitto-Pisanti; but the happiest solution was that of the Comm. Emmanuele Rocco, whose plans were approved by the Municipality and the Italian Government... The working plans were prepared by the architect Cav. Ernesto De Mauro, who directed the works. Building operations were started on November 5, 1887, and finished after three years... The plan of the arcade is a cross with unequal arms. The principal elevation is opposite the Royal S. Carlo Theatre. In the middle, the plan is octagonal, capped by a beautiful cupola. The sides of the cross have semi-circular roofs of glass on steel skeletons. The total surface of the occupied ground is 152,258 square feet, of which 39,493 square feet of the Arcade is covered with glass, the remainder is occupied by the lateral buildings and courts for light and ventilation" (Serracino, 1905). Keywords: Italy, Napoli, Naples, complexes, arcade, shopping gallery, interior spaces, Galleria Umberto Primo, glass and iron roof, vaulting, dome, King Humbert's Gallery. Submitted by Amanda Schlechty for INT STDS 697: Study Abroad: Italy Trip.
19th Century (1800 - 1899 CE)
stone and/or rock
Serracino, N. (1905). The Galleria Umberto I. in Naples. The American Architect and Building News, 88(1547), 59-60.