Frauenkirche, Dresden

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1702, Reconstruction began 1997
For over 200 years, the "Stone Bell" towered over the dome of the Frauenkirche in the inner city of Dresden. It gave the city a distinctive silhouette, until the bombings at the end of the Second World War destroyed the church. An intensive effort over the last few years to rebuild this world famous Protestant landmark gives justifiable hope that by the year 2006 -- the 800th anniversary of Dresden -- the Frauenkirche will again dominate the city's skyline. Extensive excavations are also being carried out in order to identify and preserve the historical catacombs surrounding the church. This renovation is a part of the effort to reconstruct the Neumarkt area. Keywords: German, Germany, Renaissance, Baroque, Saxony, Sachsen, Dresden, Neumarkt, scaffolding, renovation, ceremonial and/or religious structures, church, cathedral. Submitted by Hazel Morrow-Jones.
18th Century (1700 - 1799 CE)