Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland

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John P. Schooley Jr. (was created by)
Alvar Aalto (was created by)
1962-1971, the congress wing was added in 1973-1975
This images shows the "External view of Finlandia Hall: the exterior of the hall has found fewer admirers than its magisterial interiors. Aalto's desire to transplant Italian culture to Finnish soil found expression here, as in several later prestigious cultural and commercial buildings, in the use of thin slabs of white Carrara marble as a cladding. In practice, the material has proved unsuitable for the Finnish climate and the panels have bent like bananas, to the point at which they now threaten to break loose from their fixings." - Weston, p.224. Finlandia Hall is a multi-use performing arts facility. It is used for concerts, conferences, exhibitions, symphony concerts, light entertainment, international congresses and small meetings. Keywords: Finland, Etela-Suomen Laani, reinforced concrete, marble finish, cladding, performing arts structures. Submitted by Keoni Fleming for ARCH 627.
1960s (1960 - 1969)
1970s (1970 - 1979)
Weston, Richard. (1995). Alvar Aalto. London: Phaidon. p. 225.