Federal Building

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North and Central America->United States->California (CA)->San Francisco
"The US Federal Building consists of three distinct components: a thin tower that rises 18 stories along the northern edge of the site; a four-story annex projecting from the tower at the western edge of the site; and a large plaza that opens to the city. The southwest facade of the tower is clad in an undulating, perforated sunscreen installed over a full-height glass window-wall system.
During the day, the sunscreen's panels can be opened and closed in response to the changing angles of the sun. The design evolved around three organizing concepts: the reduction of energy consumption through the integration of architectural and sustainable engineering principles; the creation of office environments that could influence the productivity and health of the working population with natural light and ventilation; and the redefinition of circulation and vertical movement paths in the building, using elevators, three-story sky lobbies, and compelling stairways to promote walking." - Gissen, p. 60

Keywords: United States, California, San Francisco County, office complex, public buildings, United States, California, San Francisco County, tower, undulating perforated curtain wall, drawings, four-story annex, large plaza, sunscreen, full-height glass window-wall system, green architecture, multistory buildings, energy conservation systems, site reuse, environmental planning. Submitted by Keoni Fleming for ARCH 628.
2000s (2000 - 2009)
Gissen, D. (Ed.). (2002). Big & Green: Toward a Sustainable Architecture in the 21st Century. New York: Princeton Architectural Press. p.61.