Farsta, Stockholm, Sweden

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    10/12/1995 (creation)
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John P. Schooley Jr. (was created by)
Farsta is known as an "A.B.C. town", an acronym derived from the Swedish words for work (arbete), housing (bostader), and central place (centrum). Other examples of A.B.C. Towns are Vallingby (the first ABC suburb), Skarholmen, and Hogdalen. They are major metropolitan sub-centers (high-density suburbs of 25,000 to 30,000 residents) located on the metropolitan transportation network and are surrounded by greenbelt open space. Located six miles southeast of Stockholm, Farsta center was started in 1957 and the district had about 60,000 residents by 1964. Three quarters of the population live in dwellings built on municipally owned land, both in detached villas and other small houses, as well as in apartment houses which, to a large extent, have been built and managed by the municipality's own housing companies. This image was taken in 1969 by John Schooley, FAIA, during an Urban America tour. Urban America tours allowed architects and planners to visit New Towns and meet professionals involved in their planning and continued development. Keywords: Sweden, Stockholm, Farsta, towns, A.B.C. towns, ABC towns, New Town, settlements, residential structures, housing, multiple dwellings, transportation spaces, parking lot. Submitted by John Schooley, FAIA.
1950s (1950 - 1959)