EVENTSCAPE: 200% SITE: Student project by Nicholas Gotthardt, Jesse Hartman and Jamie Pujol, Autumn 2009

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Autumn 2009
This is a student project by Nicholas Gotthardt, Jesse Hartman and Jamie Pujol for LARCH 640 Autumn 2009. "200% site on 100% landscape is achieved through overlapping surface conditions. The project transforms 15 acres of surface parking into a regional event space. Design emerged from proposed passenger rail plans for CSX tracks which bisect the site east-west. Included in the design is a special service bike+train station - with rental, storage and pump services. The north portion of the site responds to functional requirements: surface and structured parking with roof-top recreation. Pedestrian crossing to the southern portion of the site is provided via a ramped-bridge. The southern site is comprised of a hardscape plaza, a large open green space, and a shared parking/ staging area. Together these spaces form EVENTSCAPE." --Nicholas Gotthardt In the first year students are introduced to basic and advanced techniques of design and representation. Students explore landscape architectural design at the site scale with an emphasis on environmental contexts, site systems and natural/human communities.
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