Erasmus Bridge

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UN Studio (was created by)
1990-1996 (creation)
Europe->Netherlands->South Holland->Rotterdam
"Rising to a height of 139 metres and spanning a width of 800 metres, the bridge over the river Maas forms an orientation point within the city. The asymmetric pylon with its bracket construction in sky-coloured steel has 2000 different facades. The long, diagonal cables physically and metaphorically link Rotterdam South to the City Centre. Thirty-two stays attached to the top of the pylon and eight backstays keep the construction in balance. Five concrete piers carry the steel deck that is divided into different traffic lanes: two footpaths, two cycle tracks, tram rails and two carriageways for cars. Sweeping concrete staircases lead up from the parking garage on the north side, extending the curve of the landing to pedestrian level and contributing to the public quality of the bridge as a square in the sky. At night, when the bridge is reduced to a silhouette, a special light project emphasises the interior of the bridge, with its bundled cables rising high above the water as a dematerialised reflection of its daytime identity." --

Keywords: Netherlands, South Holland, drawings and/or plans, transportation structures, sky-colored steel.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
Berkel, V. & Bos (1997). Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam. In M. Toy (Ed.), New Science = New Architecture? (Architectural Design series, v.67, no.9/10, pp.84-87). Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.