Emerald Mound

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North and Central America->United States->Mississippi->Adams (county)->Natchez
Emerald mound is one of the largest Native American Indian burial grounds and covers eight acres. It is a flat-topped earthen structure that measures 770 by 435 feet and is 35 feet tall. There are also several secondary mounds on either side of Emerald Mound, but many were lost to erosion and plowing. It was built and used during the Mississippian period (1250-1600 C.E.) by ancestors of the Natchez Indians. At this time it would have served as a sacred area for large religious and civic rituals. It was abandoned in the late 1600s.
Today Emerald Mound is open to the public free of charge. There have been some periodic excavations of the mound, the last one in 1972.

Keywords: United States, Mississippi, Adams County, Natchez, burial mounds, general views, mounds, deciduous, trees, grass. Submitted by Robert Wandel
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