Eden Project, Cornwall

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Mason White (was created by)
Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners (was created by)
Nicholas Grimshaw (architect)
"The biomes are a sinuous sequence of 8 inter-linked geodesic domes threading around 2.2 hectares of the site. They range in size from 18m to 65m radius in order to house the varying heights of plant life. Rainwater is recycled for humidification and even ground water seepage is used for irrigation. The biomes are an exercise in efficiency. Structurally, each dome is a space frame reliant on two layers. The first, an icosahedral geodesic skin, is made up of hexagonal modules ranging in diameter from 5m to 11m. Each comprises six straight, compressive, galvanised steel tubes that are light and easily transportable. Each hexagon was pre-assembled on the ground before being craned into position and bolted to its neighbour by a standard cast steel node. The primary layer is joined to a secondary one by diagonal Circular Hollow Section members at the node points. Structural stability is guaranteed by the 'shell action' of the intersecting domes, that is, the meeting of inner and outer structural members to form pinned connections. These are anchored to reinforced concrete strip foundations at the perimeter." -http://www.grimshaw-architects.com/home.html Keywords: United Kingdom, England, horticultural buildings, agricultural buildings, agricultural structures, biome. Submitted by Mason White.
2000s (2000 - 2009)
cloth or fabric
plastic (acrylic