Eberswalde Library, Eberswalde, Germany

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Zachary Snyder (was created by)
Pierre de Meuron (was created by)
Jacques Herzog (architect)
Herzog and de Meuron (was created by)
The 'serigraphy' on the concrete slabs is borrowed from that used on fabric, glass, and from engraving. The material used for the creation of the image on the support is not an ink or a pigment, but by a retarder. A design is traced on a support and placed at the bottom of the mould, the concrete in contact the retarder remains liquid and can be washed away leaving the design etched into the surface. No pigment is used, but the effect is that of a concrete skin. Keywords: Germany, Brandenburg, Frankfurt, concrete skin, concrete print, glass band, fenestration. Submitted by Zachary Snyder.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
concrete products
patterned glass
Jacques Herzog et Pierre de Meuron. (2000). Techniques & Architecture, April-May, 62-67.