East Lake, Wuhan, China

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East Lake, located on south bank of the Yangtze River and the east of Wuhan (in Hubei province) is the biggest lake within a city in China. The lake covers an area of 330,000 square meters, which is 5 times the area of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Characterized by its clear water, abundant plants, strong customs and unique gardens, the lake, with over 120 bends in the branch streams and 111.5 kilometers of shoreline, was famed as "a lake with 99 curves". Due to abundant rainfall and sunshine as well as a humid climate, East Lake has rich botanical resources. There are 372 kinds of trees and over 390 varieties of flowers, of which plum blossom and lotus are the most famous. Keywords: China, PRC, dykes, lakes, landscapes. From the collection of Jot Carpenter.
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