Dwellings, Chimayo, New Mexico

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Chimayo was settled in approximately 1692. The village is home to the Plaza of San Buenaventura, now called Plaza del Cerro, established in approximately 1740. Weaving is a strong tradition for the community and is known for its high-quality woven goods. Notably, the Plaza del Cerro served as home to a family of weavers, the Ortega family of Rio Grande. The plaza consists of classic adobe construction in square contiguous forms with viga ceilings as well as dirt floors. El Santuario shrine can be found in the village and is known as a site of healing. Many of the structures in the settlement were built in the Spanish Colonial style. Keywords: United States, New Mexico, Rio Arriba County, residential structures, traditional housing, vernacular, transportation spaces. Submitted by Kay Bea Jones.