Drawn By Hand

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Oct. 9 2006 - Oct. 27 2006
North and Central America->United States->Ohio->Franklin (county)->Columbus
This exhibtion titled "Drawn By Hand" was located in the Banvard Gallery on the main level of Knowlton Hall from October 9 through October 27.
The art of drawing and graphical representation has been nurtured at The Ohio State University by a succession of brilliant and dedicated faculty members. Engineering drawing classes began at OSU around 1875 for the education of aspiring engineers and architects.
The work of Thomas Ewing French and Charles Vierck became known around the world as their early textbooks on drawing by hand were published and disseminated widely. Other pioneers like Wooster Bard Field, Galen Oman, Wilbert Ronan, and Richard Buck would follow with popular works on drawing, shading, and rendering. More recently, OSU professor Dr. Christos Yessios pioneered the use of solid modeling with FormZ, a software package that has been appreciated by architects for its facile handling of projective geometry.
The progression from hand drawings to computer modeling is taken for granted today; it is important to remember that the computer is programmed to harness and utilize a body of knowledge rooted in the geometry and mathematics of engineering drawing that was developed by pioneers like French and Vierck.
Drawn By Hand explores this progression with a wide variety of materials showcasing the pioneering work of professors at OSU. This includes drawing implements, engraving plates, samples of work, digital displays, and first edition publications complete with the publisher's art boards from which the books were made. Also showcased is a selection of finely rendered student projects from OSU's extensive archives.

Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, The Ohio State University, KSA, Knowlton School of Architecture.