Die Magdeburger Originale, Magdeburg, Germany

  • Date
    7/15/1999 (creation)
Related person
Hazel Morrow-Jones (was created by)
The so-called "Magdeburger Originale" are stone sculptures fixed to the city wall below the Magdalena Chapel. They depict local characters of folklore bearing names such as Lusebenecke Blutappelsine (blood orange); she was reported to sell oranges at the fish market and her appearance, especially her red cheeks, saddled her with this nickname. Schlackaffe, Feuerkäwer, Affenvater (monkey father) was another set of nicknames lovingly bestowed upon a man who played a hand-organ and had an ape which danced to the tunes and solicited coins from the listeners. The last one, called Fliejentuten-Heinrich (fly catcher Henry), sold glue-covered pointed bags which were used to catch flies. The stone figures were sculpted by Eberhard Roβdeutscher, a Magdeburg artist inspired by stories about these local characters which were told to him by elderly citizens. (information from http://12hundert.magdeburg.de/english/) Keywords: Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg (national district), Magdeburg, Magdeburger, sculpture, statues, fortifications. Submitted by Hazel Morrow-Jones.