Derby Hall (Chemistry Building No. 3)

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Original building: 1904-06; 1st addition: 1908-09, demolished 1928; 2nd addition: 1928-30; 3rd addition (theater): 1938; 4th addition: 1961-62
Derby Hall is shown here as Herrick Archives building number 025. Chemistry Building No. 3 (later named Derby Hall on August 8, 1929, in memory of Samuel Carroll Derby) is located at 154 North Oval Drive, or 154 North Oval Mall on the Ohio State University campus. The architect for the original building was S.R. Burns and the general contractor was Nichol and Carr. The first addition was designed by Albert Pretzinger; the second by Joseph N. Bradford; and the third addition (theater) was most likely a WPA project. The fourth addition was designed by Wright and Gilfillen. Chemistry Building No. 3 was originally built to house the Chemistry Department. In the 1920s it was converted to use for liberal arts and named Derby Hall. The original building was designed in the Second Renaissance Revival style. The third floor and northern addition (1928-1930) were added in the conversion of the building from Chemistry to Liberal Arts and share the same Second Renaissance Revival design vocabulary as the original core of the building. This was the third chemistry building. Two earlier chemistry buildings (Herrick Archives numbers H 113 and H 118) were destroyed by fire. This building, too, was damaged by fire only six months after it was first occupied. This led to the construction of the fireproof storeroom (1st addition) in 1908-1909. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, OSU, institutional structures, buildings, drawings, plans, site plan. University FPD number 025.
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