Der Neue Zollhof

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Frank Owen Gehry (was created by)
Europe->Germany->North Rhine-Westphalia->Düsseldorf
"The central metal-clad tower is built of precast concrete panels molded from computer-milled Styrofoam blanks that are eventually recycled. Computer data derived from the design model is used to mill the full-scale Styrofoam blocks, which are fitted with rebar and poured with concrete. As the individually cast panels are assembled, the undulating form of the exterior wall takes shape. While more expensive than building rectilinear shapes using wood forms, each piece fits exactly despite the complex surface geometry." - Ragheb, p. 206

Keywords: Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, commercial structures, office, CAD, CATIA, Computer Aided Design, model, precast concrete, construction. Submitted by Keoni Fleming for ARCH 627
1990s (1990 - 1999)
Ragheb, F.J. (Ed.). (2001). Frank Gehry, Architect. New York: Guggenheim Museum publications. p. 206