Dazu Rock Carvings, China

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The Dazu grottoes, 160km northwest of Chongqing, include over 60,000 figures scattered in more than 100 places. They are primarily Buddhist cave sculptures noted for unusual domestic detail as well as religious themes. Buddhist works make up the majority of the statues, with many Taoist and Confucianist statues also present. The statues were carved during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 C.E.), Five Dynasties (907-960 C.E.), and Song Dynasty (960-1279 C.E.). The Song Dynasty was the peak period of artistic creation for Dazu. The two major sites are Bei-shan (North Mountain) and Baoding-shan (Treasure-Summit Mountain). Keywords: China, Chongquing, Dazu (also called Longgang), sculpture.
Tang Dynasty (618 CE - 907 CE)
Five Dynasties (907 CE - 960 CE)
Song Dynasty (960 CE - 1279 CE)
deciduous trees
stone and/or rock