Crane Memorial Public Library

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    View of Exterior - Column Detail
Related people
Henry Hobson Richardson (architect)
William Martin Aiken (architect)
Joseph A. Coletti (architect)
CBT Childs Bertman Tseckares (architectural firm)
North and Central America->United States->Massachusetts->Quincy
"Richardson often designed asymmetrical buildings with polychrome decoration. He borrowed from many historic sources, here in part from Romanesque architecture. The entrance features a stair turret, an off-center "Syrian arch," and triple Romanesque arches in the top gable. Carved stone ornament continues the medieval theme. The battered base sets the whole structure above the ground. Richardson's fenestration is often unique. Here he uses eyelid dormers and a row of stack windows from the turret to the end of the building."

Keywords: United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk County, Quincy, H.H. Richardson, views, libraries, archives, or information centers. Submitted by Jacqueline Gargus for Arch 602
19th Century (1800 - 1899 CE)
Richardsonian Romanesque
stone and/or rock